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Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet
Ohio law
requires the Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet be shared with parents.  A link to that form is available below.  WYB requires parents to read this document and check the box indicating they have read and understand the information prior to registering for a sport.

http://www.healthyohioprogram.org/~/media/HealthyOhio/ASSETS/Files/injury prevention/concussion/Youth Sports Organization Concussion Form - ODH Revised 3.ashx

Ohio Return-To-Play Concussion Law
The entire law can be found at the link below.


COVID 19 Protocols

Area Procedures
Facility Beginning with team only < 25 athletes split into cohorts/pods
Set facility up for social distancing by spacing apparatus
to provide a six foot radius or by staggering use of apparatus (floor, beam, bars, vault) to provide a six foot radius.
For gym arrival, check in queue marked with 6ft spacing for athlete/parent check in/health sign-off (see sign off form). Coach will be at a table by entrance to check gymnasts in.  Forms will be stored in office upon daily completion.
For gym settings, all work-out areas set-up for
students, allowing at least a six foot radius around other gymnasts
Training with coaches to enforce spacing and all sanitizing procedures as dictated by CDC/ODH.  Staff will sign off they received this training.
Education with athletes and families to enforce spacing and sanitizing procedures 
Seating removed and spaced accordingly (6' distance between chairs)
On-site waiting discouraged and only allowable in the case of the childs well-being (i.e. separation anxiety), must be masked if waiting on site
Lost and found eliminated
Locker use eliminated
Restroom doors propped open and limiting number of users at a given time (due to space, this will be one user at a time)
Sanitization All individuals will be required to complete hand washing or sanitization upon entry to facility.  Sanitizer will be available at the main entrance that will be monitored by staff on duty
All sanitation products to be used will meet CDC guidelines.
Hand sanitizer available throughout the facility for all entrants. Used upon entry and between athleets rotations (Provided by Mike Hendricks)
Sanitizers and Disinfectants to meet CDC guidelines to be used on equipment between each rotation
Routine disinfection of high-contact surfaces, desk, door handles, and the like will occur between each session
Deep cleaning during low-use times (i.e. times sessions are not in the gym)
No use of air circulation devices such as fans, blowers, etc
Doors will be propped open during arrival and departure of each session
Signage Social distancing and recommending face coverings signs posted at entry
Hand-washing/sanitization and distancing reminder signage for staff and all entrants is posted.  Equipment sanitization/disinfectant guidelines for staff is posted.
Posting sign with COVID-19 screening questions at entry
Staff Provide instruction/education on COVID-19 prevention
Staff encouraged to take their temperature and
perform a self-assessment and not report to work if they
are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
Maintain at least six feet from other employees and
members/clients unless instruction makes it impractical.  Spotting will be miminal unless for safety reasons
Staff will wear masks during all sessions.  If staff does not have or bring a mask one will be provided by WYB.
Staff will sanitize equipment between rotations, with products that meet CDC guidelines
Staff will sanitize equipment and common areas at the end of each session, with products that meet CDC guidelines
Suspected Cases (symptoms displayed) Any individuals will be asked to leave the facility if they display symptoms
If any individual displays active symtoms during a session the individual will be required to not return tohte facility for 14 days.  The individual can return before the 14 day period if the individual provides a negative covid-19 test dated after the inital onset of symptoms, as well as a tempaerture below 100 degress F for a period of time greater tahn 72 hours.
Refunds for sick days will not be distributed.  Make-up classes can be coordinated with Head Coach
Confirmed Cases Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms.
Contact the local health district about suspected cases of exposure
Particpants and staff will be asked to not return for 14 days, or negative test results
Refunds for sick days will not be distributed.  Make-up classes can be coordinated with Head Coach